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The files contain chronological information on SRL activities and are retained for historical reasons.

Information (2003 Q2)
Information (2003 Q1)
Information (2002 Q3)
Information (2002 Q2)
Information (2002 Q1)
Information (2001)
Information (Spring 1999)
Information (Spring 1998)
Information (Fall 1997)

Warning. (May 1997)
Once again inaccurate information about an SRL show has been released onto the internet. This message and various adaptations of it have been circulated around the internet. Those of you smart enough to check the OFFICIAL SRL WWW SITE (this site) can get the facts. The show this Sunday in San Francisco features two extremely talented groups that SRL supports: Peoplehater and Christian Ristow. However, the event this weekend IS NOT an SRL show or event.

Scam Alert (May 1996)
SRL questioned in Unabomber Case PDF
Information (page 1) (page 2) (page 3) (page 4) (page 5) Summer 1996
Information (Fall 1995)
Information (Spring 1995)
Information (Winter 1995)
Information (Fall 1994)
Information (Summer 1994)
Information (Spring 1994)
Artpark Judgement

Experiments and shenanigans:

Best of the Yard

2000 Video Releases

Last 6 Show Cube
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