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Articles run the gamut from intelligent reporting to distorted smear campaigns, you decide


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Perry Fareell on Survival Research Labs and Psi Com
Boing Boing - by David Pescovitz
August 25, 2020


Before Burning Man and Lollapalooza There Was Desolation Center
Alternative Press - by Robert Ham
June 25, 2020


Announcing the Final Agenda for Robotics + AI - Mar 3 at UC Berkeley
Tech Crunch - by Brian Heater
February 19, 2020


Desolation Center Documents DIY 80s Underground Music Culture at its Most Anarchic and Inspirational
The Stranger - by Dave Segal
October 2, 2019


San Jose Museum of Art turns 50 with Spiritaed Gala
San Francisco Chronicle - by Catherine Bigelow
September 27, 2019


The Pulse of the City: Culture Lab Detroit 2018
Cool Hunting - by Evan Malachosky
October 16,2018


Robot Wars: Mark Pauline and Survival Research Labs
The Art Newspaper - by Helen Stoilas
January 5, 2018


Short Documentary about Hunter S Thompson in the 1980s
BoingBoing - by David Pescovitz
September 1, 2015


Survival Research Labs + the Science of Senseless Jungle Hate
OZY - by Eugene S. Robinson
June 23, 2014


Mark Pauline's Book List for LongNow's Manual for Civilization
Longnow Foundation - by MiklEm
May 4 2014


Machine Terrorism as Art - Survival Research Labs
Network Awesome - curated by Jason Forrest
April 16 2014


Mark Pauline and Amy Critchett Interview
Triangulation 111 on TWiT.TV with Leo Laporte
July 17 2013


Terrorism as Art: Mark Pauline's dangerous machines
The Verge by Jesse Hicks
October 9 2012


For Extreme Artist Stelarc, Body Mods Hint at Humans' Possible Future
Wired - by Geeta Dayal
May 2, 2012


Mark Pauline, fiery showman, now into machines
Sam Whiting for SFGate (odd headline - mark's always been about the machines)
April 26, 2012


Los Angeles: City of Art - footage of the De-Manufacturing machine in the beginning
Video produced by Michael Kurcfeld, New York Times
October 03, 2011


Video of SRL from LA MOCA Sept 30
by David Pescovitz, Boingboing
October 10, 2011


SRL in Los Angeles 10/1
by David Pescovitz, Boingboing
September 08, 2011



A Visit to the Survival Research Laboratories Workshop
Rhizome by Ceci Moss
September 28 2011


Mark Pauline speaks at the Sonoma County Museum in Santa Rosa as part of the Mad Science exhibition.
January 07 2011


Mark Pauline: Do It Yourself!
Syfy Idea Lab by Tiffany Lee Brown
July 26 2010


Mark Pauline Interview in Russian Popular Mechanics
Eva Galperin's translation here
Babelfish Translation here
Google Translation here
Popular Science (Russia) PDF
February 2010


The Survival of Mark Pauline
October 11 2009


David Byrne writes about SRL in a chapter of Bicyle Diaries
Bicyle Diaries by David Byrne
September 2009


Mark Pauline: Heavy Metal Theater of Cruelty
Mark Dery's Shovelware
June 13 2009


The Changing Face of Bay Area Fire Art
SFAppeal by Cassidy Friedman
May 15 2009


Fifty Years of Hovercraft
SRL hovercrafts featured in the article along with two images by Lilia Ahner
Wired by Gareth Branwyn
August 2007


Prototype This!
Kevin Binkert co-stars in an upcoming Discovery Channel show that will look into the viability of re-creating technology and gadgets from science fiction. The show airs August 2007


Mark Pauline's Machine Mayhem
Make 07:Backyard Biology - article by David Pescovitz
Summer 2006


Cirque du SRL: A Peek into the Artistry of Survival Research Labs
Interview with Karen Marcelo
Ambidextrous Mag - a project of the Stanford by Angie Heile
Summer 2006


ZeroOne: Survival Resaerch Labs strikes downtown San Jose
Mercury News by Jaweed Kaleem


These robots will rock the city: viewers should be ready for loud, fiery show
from SJ Mercury News by Jaweed Kaleem


Blow Up
from SF Bay Gurdian by Kimberly Chun


The End of the World as We Know It?
Interview with Mark Pauline by Geeta Dayal for Associated Press


ZeroOne goes down as a hit
from SJ Mercury News by Mark de la Vina


Art on the Edge
from MetroActive by Gary Singh (scroll down for the SRL section)


The art of living dangerously
New Scientist Interview with Karen Marcelo about dorkbotSF and SRL by Annalee Newitz
Excerpt: New Scientist
Complete article (PDF) thanks Dave Gessel for PDF
17 July 2006


Primal Force: taking command of lightning thanks Dave Gessel for PDF
New Scientist Interview with Greg Leyh about LOD by Hazel Muir
24 June 2006


Linux robot site launches with user-controllable robot
Article on Michael Shiloh's robot and SRL
11 January, 2006


Xeni Tech on NPR: SRL's Robotic Mayhem
21 April, 2005


Brute Fun Video: Survival Research Labs Gets Loud
3 April, 2005


Ringmasters of Steel Turn Silver"
SRL's 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Lap
Kathleen Quillian
ATA (c) 2004


Ai-Yi-Yi, Robots!
SRL Ten Years of Robotic Mayhem on DVD
A Cruel and Rebellious Plot to Pervert the Minds of Viewers to Unholy Uses
Gary Morris
Bright Lights Film Journal August 2004 / Issue 45


E-Motion: Mechanical Performance
January 2004
Aspect Magazine Vol. 2


Better Living Through Killer Robots
San Francisco's SRL brings its brand of destruction to Vegas
Jan 8 - Jan 14, 2004
Las Vegas Weekly by Chuck Twardy


Normal Weekend: A fiery SRL show, Miss Eva Von Slut, a pancake juggler and more
November 19 2003
SF Weekly by Silke Tudor


LA Weekly coverage of the Post Gallery Show
July 12-18 2002
by Jay Babcock


Technical knockouts 'Gearheads' tracks the escalation of robot combat from inventors' workshops into the courtroom
March 16, 2003 San Francisco Chronicle


Still Searching for the Best Use of Technology
July 19, 2002 LA Times


Silicon Valleey Hosts Robot War
March 15, 2002 The Electric Warrior


Bots Invade the Arts
March 15, 2002 Wired


The Big Bang Theory of Art (Wired)
August 9, 2001 Wired, by Brad King


Mark Pauline Interview (Audio and Video): Igniting Fear with Flying Metal
Another version of the article
August 8, 2001 Wired by Brad King


Mean machines
Move over Robot Wars, yesterday's junk just morphed into your wildest mechanical nightmare
July 28, 2001 New Scientist


SRL Press Kit
Compilation of articles related to SRL over the last 21 years
Over 60 articles, angry letters, weird stuff, Bible Burn press, etc. Articles run the gamut from intelligent reporting to distorted smear campaigns, you decide.


Rick Chambers interviews Mark Pauline
KCOP Channel 13 Los Angeles, May 2, 2000


High Tech Is The Art In San Francisco
New York Times March 16, 2000 by Sally McGrane


Coolstates Communications [English]


Coolstates Communications [Japanese]


SRL In Tokyo
Shift January 2000 Vol. 38


Includes video footage


Ascii 24 Detailed Report


More Ascii 24 Reports


Ascii 24 Report on Webcast and Telerobotics


Interview with Mark Pauline
Uplink Interview at the ICC in Tokyo Dec 1999


Dangerous Art, VRML, Java, and High Technology by Sandy Ressler
Focus on Web3d ( December 22, 1999


Crashing and Burning with Class by Stephen J. Mraz
Page 1 (PDF)
Page 2 (PDF)
Machine Design July 8, 1999


Telepresence Art Online by David Pescovitz pp. 51-52
Flash Art March/April 1999


Virtual Slap: A Keynote Presentation June 23, 1998


Urban Din Is Music to Band's Ears Neubauten brings soundscapes to Warfield
San Francisco Chronicle Dec 8, 1998
SRL Builds "Jet Turbine"/Air Compressor for Einsturzende Neubauten Show


Home is Where the Robot is: A Homecoming for Survival Research Laboratories
New Art Examiner October 1998 by Mark Van Proyen


Beyond 2000
Click on Query then Art & Culture then on icons for video/images


SF Gate Article on SRL


JavaWorld - Control Lethal Machinery via Web


Wired News Article on Web 98 Panel
Wired News by Judy DeMocker 1998


Wired News Coverage of the Show


MTV Online
by Brian Forsyth
Aug 1998


Gong Show - SFWeekly coverage of event at Cell January 24, 1998
by Silke Tudor


Sightings - Sci-Fi Channel shoot October 11, 1997


Beyond the Realm of Humans
Garnet Hertz 1997


Growth in Online Entertainment Market
Web Week May 12, 1997


Survival Research Laboratories, Seattle, 23 June, 1990
from MakeUpANamePress


"Machine Divas: The Women of Survival Resarch Labs"
by Virginia Eubanks in BrilloMagazine


"Is Phoenix Burning?"
by Bruce Sterling in Wired Magazine


Bang! You're Under Arrest
HotWired covers CrimeWave Aftermath - photos by Marla Aufmuth


Book: Escape Velocity by Mark Dery


Article in Citypaper: CyberPunk Archive - Fear of the Perfect Machine
by Joab Jackson
March 13 1996


Article about Crime Wave Show in Spiv, January 1996


Article about Crime Wave Show in Addicted To Noise 1996


Interview with Mark Pauline in the Second Issue of World Art 1995


Interview with Mark Pauline in the December 1994 issure of Exposure


Interview with Mark Pauline in the April 1993 issue of Wired


Survival Research Labs Gets Real on the Web by Tony Reveaux Film/Tape World.   August 1989, pg. 21


First SRL ad

Boulevards magazine November 15 1978. Ad ran as a full page feature marking the inception of SRL by Mark Pauline