At this time work is continuing on several complex new machines. The Wheelocopter is the major new device under construction, (see new machines below).

Recently, the possibility for a large scale performance in SF has opened up. We are hoping to "sneak" into a large indoor site by posing as a different, but substantially similar organization. This show would occur in May, 1994. Notice will be very short to preserve the integrity of the event. Stay tuned to this site.

Arrangements are being made for SRL to return to Europe in 1994 for several performances, at least one in the UK and several others across the continent. Performances are currently being negotiated for Chicago, Pheonix, Arizona, and possibly LA. At least one SRL performance will take place in the United States this spring prior to our leaving for the European tour. Specific times and places will be announced in this section.


Leslie Asako Gladsjo is preparing another major video release documenting SRL activities and performances in Barcelona, Spain, Aurillac, France, and Graz, Austria from 1991 to 1992. The tape will examine the issues raised by the war related themes which link these three major SRL events. In addition, Ms. Gladsjo's exhaustive coverage of the strange occurrences surrounding these shows promises to make this tape a prized artifact of SRL history. Look for a release in mid-1994. Ms. Gladsjo's documentation will be somewhat delayed as she recently received funding for a documentary in the War Zone in Bosnia and is now in Sarejevo with her film crew. The French government has donated bulletproof vests. Wish her luck anyway, when she returns in the spring she will finish up the SRL tape in the relative safety of San Francisco.


(NOTE: SEE MOCK UP AND TEXT EXPLANATION IN SRL IMAGE FILE*****) A WheeloCopter is nearly finished. This radical concept in wheeled vehicles applies the principles of rotorcraft to a two-dimensional plane. It's as difficult to describe as it will be for an audience to look at.

Parts have been collected for computer-controlled Hydraulic Walking Leg Sets, capable of supporting and moving objects weighing 40 or more tons, in the manner of groups of foraging ants. The powerplant is a 175 hp Boeing gas turbine engine. This will be SRL's first jet engine powered device.

The Hand-O'-God is a giant spring loaded hand cocked by an air-cylinder with 8 tons of pressure designed for the Oakland show. All parts are secured and construction is underway.

An Intelledex five-axis robotic arm was obtained indirectly from Lockheed Missiles and Space Corporation. Its new function will be in the area of post-mortem veterinary ROBOTIC SURGERY.

A jet-engine powered wheeled vehicle is under construction. It uses a simple jet engine fabricated from a modified high pressure axial turbocompressor driven furnace burner. The engine is mounted on a wheeled cart and can point in a 360 degree arc for propulsion or braking. It uses a Kawasaki 750 motorcycle engine to power the turbine and associated pumps.

The combustion chamber is segmented and controlled by hydraulic cylinders. These cylinders open and close the entire combustion chamber, allowing for use as a high temperature flamethrower, (with petals open), or thrust, (petals closed). Additional possibilities exist as an educational aid to children interested in understanding jet engine function.

SRL REQUESTS ASSISTANCE FROM THE RESEARCH COMMUNITY for secret information on Pulse Detonation Engines. These are high-power reaction engines with no moving parts and high power-to-weight ratios. Plans are for first "civilian use" in flying levitation type machines. SRL specifically seeks dimensions and details of combustion chambers, iniator tubes and fuel options. All information welcomed, no questions asked. THIS IS A SERIOUS INQUIRY, IF INFORMATION IS FORTHCOMING WE WILL GUARANTEE FLYING FULL SIZE MACHINES IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR.


(NOTE: SEE MOCK UP AND TEXT EXPLANATION IN SRL IMAGE FILE****) A 10 ft long Teleoperated Hydraulic Arm fitted with precision servo-valves and controlled from up to one mile away with an exoskeleton has been constructed for use as an attachment for the screw machine. The exoskeleton controller attaches to the operators arm and precisely mimics the wearer's motions. It can be configured with an optional stereo head mounted vision system which is controlled by the movements of the wearer's head.

A portable Foam Generating Machine has recently been constructed. It uses standard high expansion fire-fighting foam and can generate 1500 cubic feet of thick free-standing foam per minute. Primarily intended for use on audiences.

A Six-Legged Running Machine (which will have a computer controlled active suspension system) was completed and featured for the first time at the SF Museum Groundbreaking performance. The leg drive system is modeled after the chain drive used on the Hughes Armaments Chain Cannon for sear bolt actuation.

A High Pressure Air Launcher, originally developed by NASA for use in avalanche control, is the basis for SRL's first teleoperated machine. It is capable of automatically loading and firing 26 beer can sized projectiles weighing 2 lbs each at 500 feet per second. The operator aims by head movement, viewing the target through a high resolution camera mounted on the gun frame. This device is CO2 gas operated, and so circumvents existing Federal Firearms Laws. A stripped down version was transported by air and used in a ritual assassination of Simon Leis, (the sheriff of Hamilton county, who busted Dennis Barrie for the Robert Mapplethorpe photo show) at the "Mechanica" show, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, Ohio.

A Shaking Machine modeled after devices used to test the fallen Nimitz freeway after the October 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake has been constructed. It is mobile and equipped with a logging machine claw for grasping objects. It was damaged in the SF Museum show when it shook down a setpiece which was set afire by the V-1. After being reconstructed and ruggedized it was operated successfully at the two European shows, summer 1992.

A 100 kiloJoule directable plasma discharge weapon or TASER, designed by Greg Leyh and built at SRL, was successfully tested and used in Europe in 1992. It is currently being rebuilt as an improved design without the sometimes troublesome spark gaps.


SRL's recent attempt at staging a performance in the Bay Area was shot down by paranoid businessman. After several months of feverish preparation for an all-out production at an indoor site at the Phoenix Iron Works building in Oakland, California, hopes for a performance were dashed due to the actions of a local businessman. Shortly after on-site preparations began in earnest for the November 20th performance, the businessman, who operated a metal fabrication plant nearby, panicked at the sight of the intense activity, and began relentlessly harassing the owner of the building to deny SRL a permit for use. Unfortunately, he was able to infect the owner with his own hysteria and SRL was subsequently denied use of the space. In a bizarre incident, the businessman, who (unknown to us) had earlier in the day convinced the owner to evict us, arrived with the Oakland Police, stating that since SRL had been denied the rental, we were trespassing and should be arrested! The officers declined to arrest any of the 20 or so SRL workers, but requested us to leave the premises. Attempts to convince the owner to re-instate the agreement were futile. He simply stated that he had become very concerned about liability, etc., and the chance that legal actions related to the performance might tie up his intended sale of the building to the California Transportation Agency.


ADDENDUM: 3/14/94


SRL is still engaged in a Federal Court lawsuit against the state of NY and David Midland, the Director of ARTPARK, over the cancellation of our performance there in 1990 at the behest of Fundamentalist Christians. Our attorney in the case, Lanny Walters, is currently suing the Federal Court Judge, Richard Arcara, to force him to hear the case. Judge Arcara, a Reagan appointee, has stretched the letter of law for over 2 years in his efforts to avoid hearing the case. Since the SRL case is so strong, he probably fears that he would be forced to rule in our favor, which would cast him in the uncomfortable role of a BIBLE BURN SUPPORTER. amongst his conservative peers.


A lawsuit was filed by Edward Maxwell following SRL's performance at the SF Museum of Modern Art Groundbreaking Ceremony. The April 8, 1992 show was described by the Wall Street Journal as, "a nude orgy scene painted on a high billowing backdrop, large soft wobbling constructions that eventually burned or fell down, the tops of strange humanoid machines, great balls of fire and jets of sparks and green stuff, and a cacophony of amplified noises impossible to describe (sirens, screams, explosions, music, voices), including earth quaking booms that rattled one's skull and bones". And a "commendable attempt by an establishment institution to embrace a genuinely modern, dangerous and defiant kind of art".

Not so sanguine was a letter written to the SF Chronicle. by W. J. Scanlon of Orange Park, FL, he said: "In Florida we call it fraud, and we put them (SRL) in jail".

Mr. Maxwell, a wealthy resident of San Francisco's exclusive Marina District, did not actually attend the performance, but was, according to his own medical report, "passing by the performance area in an automobile, seated in the passenger seat with the windows rolled up". Mr. Maxwell claims that he has a pain in his right ear as a result of effects from the performance that the 2500 other persons who attended were not able to perceive. His medical claims are not supported by any of the doctors he has reported seeing in connection with the case. Nevertheless, he has engaged the City of San Francisco, The Museum of Modern Art, and SRL in a Superior Court lawsuit.

At this time it seems likely that he will succeed and receive a large sum of money from the City and the Museum. SRL, due to it's lack of official stature as a business and lack of funds has essentially been uninvolved in the case. The Museum is currently threatening to sue my insurance carrier, TransAmerica Corp. TransAmerica reneged on the SRL policy as soon as the case was filed, arbitrarily claiming that the V-1 engine used in the show was a "firework" and its use (which they previously had agreed upon covering) voided all coverage.


The SOUTH ATLANTIC QUARTERLY, published by Duke University Press has released "THE SPECIAL ISSUE ON CYBERCULTURE". It contains a 7 page article designed and written by M. Pauline and illustrated by computer manipulated SRL imagery. The article details the unusual events surrounding SRL's performance in Graz, Austria, Nov. 1992, " The Deliberate Evolution of a War Zone..."

SRL will be staging a major performance in San Francisco on May 28th. The location is tremendous. We are accepting donations of just about any kind of stuff in large quantities that could be perceived as having any connection with the apocalypse, or more precisely, that point of intersection where the survival instinct nuzzles up to the death wish (this is the general theme of the show, watch this site for a convoluted phrasing that will be more specific). We are especially interested in unusual signage or large pre-assembled props (we have satisfied the need for a Doomsday clock).

We are also open to any borrowing from individuals or companies with access to high-energy physics devices, heavy equipment, military weapon systems, process control equipment, industrial robots, and any and all electronic, mechanical, and hydraulic components.

Further, we are accepting volunteer assistance of skilled and non-skilled types. Almost any kind or level of skill is applicable. No careless psychotics please. E-mail to or call 415-641-8065. Thank you, and remember: your kind assistance can help make this an apocalypse to remember.

Eric Paulos / / 15 July 1994