Crime Wave Show


Post Crime Wave Show Info

26 November 1995

A site has been secured and SRL will be staging a large scale self-produced performance in the Bay Area sometime during Thanksgiving Weekend. This will be SRL's "Crime Wave" show, and will revolve around the many humorous aspects of violent human interaction. This will be the first large scale SRL performance since the May 1994 show, A Calculated Forecast Of Ultimate Doom. We have waited to announce this date until we were fairly certain that the arrangements for the site location were finalized. However, exact notification of the time of day and location will not be released until necessary. To avoid regulatory difficulties, arrangements will be sneakier than usual. This will also apply to how we will be notifying the public. Expect something unusual.


Current Information

26 November 1995

Live Internet Video and Audio Feed Information
Note: Live feed from now until the end of SRL show.


Live feed from SRL Headquarters November 24th 10:45 PM PST see live feed page here

SRL has arrived on site and there will be live feed from the site on Sunday during final setup. Check here for the latest.

There will be a video/audio broadcast on Friday November 24th in the afternoon. Check here.


SRL presents:

Crime Wave

26 November 1995
9:00 PM PST


Show Location: Viewers should assemble in San Francisco at the intersection of Main and Folsom. Tickets will go on sale at 8:00 PM. Do not show up early as no tickets will be sold early. Show will start promptly at 9:00 PM. Tickets are $10 (cash only). No refunds will be given.


There will be several short notice CU-SeeMe broadcasts from SRL within the next week. These will take place before the show and are intended to test various pieces of equipment. Viewers will be able to watch some of the machines being setup and tested. Check here for reflector site info, date, and time.

The internet video and audio broadcast during the actual show will be sent out on a high speed ISDN line so viewers will be able receive video and audio up to ISDN speeds. Announcements of the internet based MBONE and CU-SeeMe broadcast is located here.

There was a recent unsolicited article about the upcoming show in SUCK.COM.

Mark Pauline will not be reading any e-mail before the show so do not expect a reply.

The phone number that will provide the date and time of the show along with the location is (415) 285-5163. Please note that although the number is released, no information about the show will be released until we are ready to do so. The number will provide a pre-recoded message with the appropriate information at that time. More information to be released later this week.

There will be no pre-sale tickets. Instead, ticketing will be handled the day of the show at the entrance to the show site. Tickets will be $10.

The location will be more specific as the show date approaches. However, actual show location will not be released until we are ready to do so. When that occurs it will be available via this WWW site and the telephone number mentioed above.



By nature SRL shows must happen without much warning to avoid alerting various official personal. For that reason we ask that you check back to this site which will be the first on-line resource to announce any SRL show. This site will provide as many specifics as allowable for each upcoming show.

Please check back as we are closing in on several show possibilities one of which may be in your area. For those of you non-local, live video and audio will be broadcast onto the MBONE and to various CU-SeeMe reflector sites.