9 Januray 1995


Many thanks to Kevin Mathieu for images

Survival Research Labs will be hosting a Funhouse at the Wired Magazine anniversary party this Tuesday, January 9th. This will be number one in a continuing series of INCONSIDERATE EXPERIMENTS to be performed on the public during the coming months. There will be fun and merriment for children of all ages. Come laugh at the futile struggle to survive!

Unfortunately, admission to the show has already been closed, unless the personal information you have about Louis Rosetto or Jane Metcalfe is of sufficient value to secure your admission into the event.

For those of you who can not make it, you can experience the joy in the comfort of your own home. Survival Research Labs will be broadcasting the show live on the internet via CU-SeeMe and the MBONE. We would like to bring the internet community into the show remotely by a variety of means. Including some planed control of robotic machinery via the Internet. More information about the broadcasts below:

Join us live on January 9th...



Check Wired World.3 for details on the whole Wired party

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