3D Interface to Tele-operated Machines (South Park)

Many thanks to Planet 9, Out of the Blue for the 3D models, net access from Organic.

Firmware, electronics, wireless network, and live 2-way A/V setup by Eric Paulos and Marc Anthony Slayton, VRML and Java programming by Karen Marcelo

Images of the interface below. A VRML2 plugin and at least a Java 1.1 VM is required to view the interactive, animated version here, although the epileptic bot has long since been burnt, and the system is not currently hooked up to the Flame Whistle for obvious safety reasons...

Interface (default view)

View next to Flame Whistle with pan/tilt controls for camera and Fire button to add fuel to igniter, clicking on each of the Epileptic Bot's appendages causes them to stop/start rotation

View from where wireless network was set up for connectivity between Moscone users and machines

View from Epileptic Bot - clicking on the V1 from this viewpoint gives users the suicide perspective

Attaching to this viewpoint gives an animated perspective of circling South Park while the meter maid cart travels around it