The Boeing Jet engine was modified by the addition of a large police whistle. Fuel injectors were added along with an ignition system, thereby creating the loudest flamethrower in history. Clicking on it or the Fire button in the control panel will send commands to the actual Boeing to flame the Epileptic Bot.

The Epileptic Squid Bot with flailing arms was originally constructed for the Japan event at the ICC. Users can click on individual limbs to stop/start their motors causing the bot to flail. Clicking on the bot's "body" turns all the motors on/off.

Both machines have been outfitted with cameras to transmit each machine's view of the events back to users controlling them in Moscone. From the bot's view users will see what it is like to fire at themselves and see the robot burn. The camera attached to the Boeing has panning functionality to give the remote users a view of the actual environment.

Although the Epileptic Bot was actuated by a Moscone Center user, we had to overwrite the web interface via radio control. The prolem with VRML was that the time the scene rendered, the cops would've shown up.
K. Marcelo


Special thanks to out of the blue design, inc for the 3D epileptic bot model, Planet 9 Studios for the 3D model of South Park.

VRML/Java Interfaces, Network Programming - Karen Marcelo
Wireless Network Setup, 'Webcast' - Eric Paulos, Marc Anthony Slayton
Controllers - David Williams, Todd Courtois
Controller Interface - Eric Paulos, Todd Courtois