Survival Research Labs: Shows: SF Halloween Trick 1996

SRL Halloween Trick

SRL staged two events on Halloween night in San Francisco. Mark Pauline along with several SRL members transported and operated the V-1 Jet in front of the Roxie Theater. About an hour later, a small performance involving serveral props and machines occured on Minna Street by other SRL members. This event was remarkable becasue it was the first SRL event that Mark Pauline did not attend. He could not attend because he was still being detained by the San Francisco Police Department for questioning about the "device" he ignited on 16th Street.

V1 at the Roxie (3.2 MB Quicktime)

Cops reaction at the Roxie (1.6 MB Quicktime)

I m a g e s

More images and information coming soon.

NOTE: If you have video of either event (especially the Minna Street event) please contact Mark Pauline as we would like to gather some addition footage for a planned video release. Those helping out will receive monetary compensation. Please contact us ASAP. Thanks.