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An SRL End of Days Production

Presented by Zero One/ISEA

Pre-show Blog
Shop activity from the 4th of July party up to post-show destruction


Jake Appelbaum's Pre-show / Show-Prep Set
Steven Gray's Pre-show Set
Neil Girling's Pre-show Set
Machine Practice and Pre-show Activity from Karen Marcelo
Timothy Child's Pre-show Set

Laughing Squid Pre-show Coverage from Scott Beale
Bre Pettis Pre-Show Images
Amy Jenkins' Flickr Set 1
Amy Jenkins' Day Before Show


Timelapse of Thurs Aug 10 2006 by Ian Williamson

4th of July: V1 Testing and Inchworm Practice

4th of July videos from Karen Marcelo:
Mark Pauline operating the V1
Mark Pauline shows son Jake what the Inchworm can do
Kevin Binkert, Doug Sutton, Mark Pauline test the V1
Inchworm crunches a pallet

Photo of Mark Pauline starting up the Hovercraft from Lilia Ahner