4 November 2000,   Phoenix, Arizona

Saturday November 4, 2000, 9pm @ CheMLAB/XE.RO SRL TOKYO VIDEO PREMIERE - SRL Thoughtfully Regards: The Arbitrary Calculation of Pathological Amusement SRL live in downtown Tokyo, Dec. 1999 .

SRL Video editor Alan Kelley and SRL director Mark Pauline will be there in person.

Also: ELECTRUM by Alberta Chu an award winning documentary on the Eric Orr sculpture Electrum, the world's largest Tesla Coil, engineered and constructed by SRL's master of high voltage electricity, Greg Leyh of Lightning on Demand.

LIVE PULSEJET DEMO Mark Pauline will be present and demonstrate a pulsejet engine similar to those that will power the Pulsejet Hovercraft and Pulsejet Fire Tornado in the upcoming live SRL Phoenix show. Pulsejets are sophisticated but simple jet engines with few or no moving parts, high thrust to weight ratios and incredible sonic capabilities. EAR PROTECTION REQUIRED.

$7 to $15 (sliding scale, pay what you can afford) - 210 max. capacity for Nov. 4!!

Address for Chemlab is:
817 W. Madison, Phoenix, AZ 85007
1 block south of Jefferson, 2 blocks west of 7th Ave. in downtown
Phoenix Wasteland
info at 602.306.XERO

Contact: press, equipment/material donations, project inquiries

David Therrien / XE.RO tel. 602.258.8915 or 602.692.7666