Track Robot Web Control System

In Yoyogi Park, the Track Robot was operated during the show by a user at the ICC. A Java applet was used to send commands to drive and manipulate the robot arm. Video conferencing via NetMeeting was used as a feedback mechanism to facilitate steering by providing live audio and video coming from a Winnov camera mounted on the Track Robot back to the user. An IBM Thinkpad was strapped on as well to send commands to the controllers via HTTP, TCP/IP, and the serial port to drive the machine. A Wavelan wireless network was used to provide connectivity between the tetherless Track Robot to the ICC's fast internet connection.

The Track Robot was tele-operated at the show for about 15 minutes. This is the first time that SRL has enabled a machine to be operated remotely by a non-crew member in a live show.

Controllers and Electronics
Mato Hattori
Michael Fogarty
Greg Leyh/lo d [@] p a c b e l l [.] n e t
Programming/System Configuration
Karen Marcelo/k a r e n [@] s r l [.] o r g

Equipment Donations/Loaners
Winnov Video Capture Card and Camera
Wavelan Wireless Network System