Survival Research Labs: Shows: e-motion Exhibition


SRL Performance in LA
part of the e-motion exhibition
Hosted by the Post Gallery
Curated by Susan Joyce

1904 East 7th Place
Los Angeles, CA
6 Jul 2002


Phil Sanchez practices operating the Screw Machine | 1.8mb | mpg
Karen Marcelo operates Flippy Box | 2.4mb | mpg
Geoff Bainbridge operates Big Arm | 12.5mb | mpg
NEW (added July 2003)   Quitcktime LA show edit | 15mb | quicktime
EVEN NEWER (added June 2011)   Edited by Alan Kelley




LA Weekly Review

LA Times Review
I don't think the review is as bad as all that. It may have been that she only got a view over peoples heads.

She obviously did not see "Sponge Bob Squarepants" as the everyman trying to defend himself (and his sheep?) against the chaos of the mechanical world around him, while the powers that be (gods ,white business people) in the house would not leave their temple (the house) to help him even when their world was collapsing around them (house burning / 2X4ed).

-Kimric Smythe