Survival Research Laboratories

Increasing the Latent Period
in a
System of Remote Destructibility


13 July, 1997


InterCommunication Center (ICC), Tokyo, Japan
Survival Research Laboratories, San Francisco, USA

Survival Research Laboratories (SRL) explores
the indirect manipulation and control
of lethal mechanical devices.

In this experiment, the first of its kind anywhere, anonymous participants will establish a direct control link using publicly available software over the internet to a wireless track robot located at the InterCommunication Center (ICC) in Japan. This agile, new SRL machine is equipped with a manipulatable arm capable of striking objects located within the ICC exhibition area, and a camera that will deliver live video feedback to the remote operator. A specially constructed button panel array is one of the objects located at the ICC. The buttons in this array are wired via the internet directly into the control circuitry of the Air Launcher a high pressure gas launcher located at Survival Research Laboratories headquarters in San Francisco. The Air Launcher is equipped with a camera and is capable of targeting and delivering an explosive round within a one mile range. For this experiment, the Air Launcher will be limited to firing within a target range containing an assortment of technological artifacts. Remote participants will guide the track robot located at the ICC to interface to the physical button panel array establishing indirect control of the Air Launcher located in San Francisco where the participant will ultimately launch the resulting ordnance, destroying the target objects.

You can check out the (still under construction)
control applet now

Images from the event

Tech Credits:
Embedded Programming - Eric Paulos
Socket Server and Control Applet - Karen Marcelo
ISDN Configuration - Marc Anthony Slayton

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