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This calendar of naked SRL members paired with naked SRL machines is a loving tribute to our dear friend, Tim North. In an act of community support for a member who has fallen ill and whose family needs help paying the bills, all proceeds from the SRL Nudie Cutie Calendar sales go directly to Tim and family. When someone you love needs help, it's up to you to make a safety net of love and relief. We love you, Tim.
Now accepting orders via PayPal.   Limited quantities. Calendar is $25.00 (add $2.65 for tax and shipping within CA).
All proceeds go directly to the North family

Marla Aufmuth: Photography     John Borruso: Design     Shepherd Lithograph, Inc.: Printing

Additional SRL show photographs by: Diana Coopersmith, Chou Hui-Chi, Cati Laporte, Susan Joyce, Marc Sangerman, Jack Gescheidt

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