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Tim North Benefit


In 1986 North created the Hoverdrum, a massive percussion instrument. Standing at more than 10 feet tall and suspended in air, the Hoverdrum is at once a kinetic sound sculpture, interactive musical instrument and object d'arte.

Timothy North was a member of Naut Humon's Rhythm&Noise and later Sound Traffic Control. He has collaborated with many West Coast machine/sound sculpture artists including Chico MacMurterrie, Barry Schwartz, Peoplehater and O'Vertigo Danse.

He helped produce soundtracks for Survival Research Laboratories and has made guest appearances with Crash Worship and Psychic TV. He has recorded with Blaise Smith, Amber Asylum, Scot Jenerik, Beth Custer, Sky Saxon as well as his own solo material.

Timothy North's most recent project is Sauce of the Future, featuring vocalist/songwriter Susan Maunu with guest appearances by Desmond Shea (Trial, Rhythm&Noise), Bond Bergland (The Brain, Saqqara Dogs, Factrix), Blaise Smith (Minimal Man), Simon Cheffins (Crash Worship) and Markus Wolff (Crash Worship).

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