Survival Research Labs: Shows: Lockjaw Fest

Pitching Machine Run Squashed by SFPD's Lamest !!

To everyone who showed up for the speed-enhanced debut run of the Pitching Machine in SF June 9th at Ace Auto, SRL offers its sincerest regrets for get ting banned yet again. This time the SFPD was the culprit, (despite the fact that many unofficial events have taken place at Ace und er their noses in the past). We had a wonderfully violent little event planned out for you, and were just getting ready to rip when the cops showed. Better luck to us both next time...

SRL will be running the Pitching Machine this Friday night at the LOCKJAW FEST 2001

FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 9:00

Sometime between 10 and 12 pm.

The purpose of this experiment will be to determine what effect 6' long 2" by 4" boards traveling at 200 mph at a fire rate of 2 boards per second will have on a 10' tall Toys R US 3 dimensional lighted Giraffe sign. Join us this Friday night and find out!! Warning: Additional loud sounds and 10KW strobe lights may cause physical discomfort!

Ace Auto Dismantlers
2255 McKinnon, SF