Survival Research Labs: Shows: 21 Grand Eviction Benefit

Hovercraft Debut Run
21 Grand Eviction Benefit

April 28, 2001

Oakland, CA

The Hovercraft is the latest (April 2001) SRL machine. It uses 4 pulse jets for steering. It is radio-controlled using a board from Michael Fogarty. Controller was programmed by Michael Shiloh and wired by Greg Leyh.

The Hovercraft was run on a nearby parking lot as part of an eviction event to help raise money to sue the 21 Grand landlord.

Call for images/footage:

Please contact Mark Pauline if you attended the Hovercraft Run at the Eviction Defense Benefit for 21 Grand and have DV quality footage of the event and/or 35mm photographs of the hovercraft in action. We would like to add these to the SRL archive. Items used will be credited.

Images from 21 Grand Event