New Valve Bank for the V-1 [November 10 2003]

Photo is from the last time the V-1 was run prior to building the new valve bank. 1997 Austin, Texas

One of the main projects at SRL over the past year has been rebuilding the V-1. The V-1 was manufactured at SRL in 1990. It has served a both a high powered low frequency generator and a flamethrower/shockwave device in many SRL shows since that time. The design of the SRL V-1 pulsejet itself was based on dimensions gathered by American teams following WW2. It is an exact replica of the original German design modified to produce low frequency (45hz) acoustic output instead of thrust. It runs on 40 gallons of gasoline at about 3mph powered by a remote controlled electric forklift drive motor. The burning of fuel takes place in a steel chamber.

The only part not to the original spec was the Valve Intake Assembly. This was due to the difficulty of reproducing the complex parts of the original design with the machine tools available at SRL in 1990.

The makeshift assembly worked well enough. Other than the unnerving fact that each time the engine was run for any length of time, several valves would break off and disappear. This would reduce the output of the machine after about 30 minutes of use. Enough operating time for an SRL show, but a potential safety hazard for the audience. Also, the makeshift design required thick inconel valve stock and this reduced the output compared to a stock V-1 engine.

SRL acquired CNC machine tools in 2000 and in 2002 the time had arrived to make an exact Billet steel replica of the original German design for the Valve Intake Assembly. Valves are still hardened Inconel X-750 but are much thinner resulting in longer intake duration as in a high lift cam. SRL will be operating the upgraded version of the V-1 this fall somewhere in the SF bay area. If you're within 15 miles of SF you may notice unusual noises on a weekend sometime soon...

Images of new Valve Intake Assembly

Video clip of V-1 Test (24mb mpg)
(edited by Karen Marcelo from footage by amacker)

For the San Jose show August 2006, the V1 was taken out for testing 4th of July. A band booked some recording time at the studio in the compound and had to stop several times. They were quite tolerant! Testing went well.
Videos taken by Karen Marcelo:

Mark Pauline operating the V1

Kevin Binkert, Doug Sutton, Mark Pauline test the V1