Image taken by Garth Webb

This large, remote-controlled wheeled machine moves with either a crabbing or inching motion, and has a large vertical jaw mounted on the front that can grab and carry props. It has four wheels, though its overall shape is in a triangulated configuration. The front two wheels are separated like a normal chassis while the two back wheels are together, forming a triangle. The separated front wheels pull the machine forward; the crab-like action is a motion mechanism which works by opposing ratchets on the wheels that change directions in opposition. The machine can also reverse direction and .inch. along using the two back wheels. The gas motor is an industrial Wisconsin motor that drives a slave hydropump; the hydropump is the machine.s main power, creating the front end.s side-to-side motion, the neck of the vertical jaw, and the back and forth of the rear end.s inching movement.

Fuel load: 3 gallons; gasoline

In preparation for the August 2006 San Jose show for ISEA, Mark took the Inchworm out to put it through its paces and brief operators Karen Marcelo and Liisa Pine. This also ended up being Mark's son Jake Eddie's first operation of a SRL machine!
Videos from Karen Marcelo:
Mark Pauline shows son Jake what the Inchworm can do
Inchworm crunches a pallet

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