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A Complete Mastery of Sinister Forces

Employed With Callous Disregard to Produce Changes in the Natural Order of Events

Robodock 2007 | NDSM Wharf, Amsterdam | September 19-22 2007

Mark Pauline - Director

Machine Operators

Shockwave Cannon
Running Machine
Dual Mules
Air Launcher
Pulse Jets 1
Pulse Jets 2
Bombloader/Mr Satan
Williams Jet
Spool Launcher
Little Arm
Screw Machine
Flame Saucer
Pneumatic Gong
Mark Pauline & Liam McNamara
Kevin Mathieu & Eric Hobijn
Kimric Smythe & Ulrika Andersson
Mark Pauline & Greg Jones
Eric Paulos
Todd Blair & Kent Cates
David Gessel & Jonathan Shekter
Christian Ristow, Christina Sporrong
Charlie Gadeken, Bastiaan Maris
Jon Sarriugarte & Liisa Pine
Greg Leyh
Michael Wehner
Michael Shiloh & Joanne Bloomfield
Kyrsten Mate
N.U. Unruh
N.U. Unruh
Many thanks to the core crew who went through the most grueling 3 weeks on site as well as in SF:
Mark Pauline, Babalou, Liisa Pine, Kent Cates, Nina Alter, Michael Shiloh, Liam McNamara, Greg Jones, Michael Wehner, Kimric Smythe, Shannon O'Hare, Kevin Mathieu, Ulrika Andersson, Jon Sarriugarte, Greg Leyh, Ian Williamson, David Gessel, Carolyn Anhalt, Joanne Bloomfield, Gxaoui, Eric Paulos, and last but not least Todd Blair without whom this show would not have been possible.


Mark PaulineDirector/Founder
Todd BlairProduction Director
BabalouProduction Manager
Nina Alter, Karen MarceloMedia / PR, Karen Marcelo, Nina AlterImages
Joanne Bloomfield, Kimric Smythe, Liam McNamara, Shannon O'Hare, Greg Jones, Nina Alter, Ulrika Andersson, Carolyn AnhaltProps
Jon Alloway, John Mathieu, Jessica Hobbs, Steve Double, Nina Alter, Ami Sun, John Behrens, Jurgen BarelPhotographers
Ian Williamson, John BehrensVideo
Che, Big DaddySecurity
Mark Pauline, Zeke Perezdiez, Liisa Pine, Jon Sarriugarte, Michael Shiloh, Dave Johnson, Karen Marcelo, Kent Cates, Greg Leyh, Ralf Burgert, David Gessel, Amy Jenkins, Nina Alter, Michael Wehner, Wendi Flybutter, Ulrika Andersson, Jonane Bloomfield, Kimric Smythe, Liam McNamara, Shannon O'HareFabrication, Welding, Machine Shop work
Brian Normanly, Todd Blair, Kent Cates, Dan Collard, Liisa Pine, Karen Marcelo, Michael Shiloh, BabalouContainer Loading / Carnet / Packing List
Karen MarceloWeb

2007 Robodock Crew

Amy Jenkins
Brian Normanly
Bob Taylor
Carolyn Anhalt
Dan Collard
Dave Johnson
David Gessel
Eric Paulos
Greg Jones
Greg Leyh
Ian Williamson
Invizibl CheezBurgert
Joanne Bloomfield
John Law
Jon Sarriugarte
Karen Marcelo
Kathy Tucker
Kent Cates
Kevin Mathieu
Kimric Smythe
Kyrsten Mate
Laura Casey
Liam McNamara
Liisa Pine Schoonmaker
Michael Shiloh
Michael Wehner
Mike Dingle
Nina Alter
N.U. Unruh
Rasmus Frankel
Rich Sciortino
Shannon O'Hare
Todd Blair
Ulrika Andersson
Wendi Flybutter
Zeke Perezdiez

Special Thanks

Also special thanks to Amy Critchett, Alex Ismerio, Jane Metcalf, Louis Rossetto, Braam, Michele Schuler, Tom Dell, Amacker, Ami Sun, and Robodock Organizers for their support and generosity

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