S R L   T h o u g h t f u l l y   R e g a r d s:
T h e
A r b i t r a r y   C a l c u l a t i o n
O f
P a t h o l o g i c a l   A m u s e m e n t

Day of Show

Line Forms at 5am

People in line

More Audience

The Air Launcher Round Making Area

Fire Dept's Only Complaint: Penmanship on this Sign

Chip sets up Sound System

Air Launcher, Spark Shooter, Pulse Jet Before Show

Mato and Track Robot before show

Before the show...

View from Pitching Machine area

View from behind Pulse Jets

The crowd

More shots of crowd...

Bombloader Fan

Karen, Chip, Mark, John getting shockwave effect

Shockwave Cannon, Running Machine, Track Robot

House of Cards, Rocks (with Edoardo Kac trees), Bombloader, Walking Prop, Triangle Machine

Raku and Pitching Machine

Ralf puts on the Pulse Jet Octopus Attachment

Octopus on Pulse Jet

Running Machine

Running Machine in Stab Mode

Pulse Jets

Inside the Spark Shooter

Violet, Karen, Eddie before show

John Law's House of Cards sparked by Sparkshooter

Freebie Big Eye Octopus on Walker Face

Pig Licker

Walking Prop collides with Pig Licker

Walking Prop


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