S R L   T h o u g h t f u l l y   R e g a r d s:
T h e
A r b i t r a r y   C a l c u l a t i o n
O f
P a t h o l o g i c a l   A m u s e m e n t




Mark in yard

Giant Pylon Prop

Rock Prop

Mark Inspects Rock Prop



Shinto Shrine

Mark at Shrine - Success and Safety 'Ceremony'

Container Arrives

Container at Yoyogi Park

Container Lift

Container Lift

Container Lift

Truck Scoliosis (Crooked I-Beam)

Contents Shifted

Chocolate Collon and 'Real Black Music'


Boeing on Forklift

John and Violet with Shockwave Cannon

Steve and Triangle Machine

Bob and Boeing

John in Container

Shockwave Cannon on forklift

Ralf works on Track Robot

Air Launcher

Karen, Steve, and Running Machine

Hisanori and Running Machine

Karen and Running Machine


Air Launcher and Triangle Machine Prep

Violet, Ralf, Mark

Michael and Eddie - computer room

Ralf and Violet in container


Bob with Head


Kayoko and Shu

Mark in container

Chip and Steve


Mark with 3D site plan

Pitching Machine aimed

Front of Pitching Machine

2x4 Through Wood and around corner into container


Violet and Steve load Pitching Machine

Violet sawing 2x4s for ammo