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          We will be updating this page often with both pre and post show images and video as they are digitized.

Images and footage from Mark Pauline, Diana DeFrancesco, Eddie Codel, Jay Bain, Karen Marcelo


I m a g e s
Container Load
ICC Client Machine Setup
Yoyogi Park Site Setup (12.14.99 - 12.16.99)
Yoyogi Park Site Setup (12.17.99 - 12.19.99)
Yoyogi Park Site Setup (12.20.99 - 12.22.99)
D A Y   O F   S H O W
Post Show Destruction

T e l e - r o b o t i c s
Air Launcher
Track Robot
Pitching Machine

V i d e o
Previews in Quicktime and Real Player formats
Video Premiere in Phoenix, AZ November 2000
Raw Feed from Tokyo Webcast [approx. 1 hour]
Requires RealPlayer
Running Machine Test
Peoplehater Triangle Machine Test (28k)
Peoplehater Triangle Machine Test (56k)
Boeing Test (28k)
Boeing Test (56k)
Boeing Test (DSL)
Pulse Jet Test (28k)
Pulse Jet Test (56k)
Pulse Jet Test (DSL)
Site Panorama (28k)
Site Panorama (56k)
Site Panorama (DSL)

P r e s s
Interview with Mark Pauline
Dangerous Art, VRML, Java and High Technology
Focus on Web3D (about.com) December 1999 by Sandy Ressler
Coolstates Communications [English]
Coolstates Communications [Japanese]
SRL In Tokyo
Shift January 2000 Vol. 38
Includes video footage
Ascii 24 Detailed Report
More Ascii 24 Reports
Ascii 24 Report on Webcast and Telerobotics