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TITLE: The Power of Pie Workshop from Sabrina Merlo and Kevin Binkert
DESCRIPTION: 8 people will learn to make incredible pie AND tour SF's most incredible machine shop with a hot toddy in hand? Yep! You can make pies that will make your loved ones swoon and fall to your feet! This workshop will teach you how to make pumpkin pie from scratch including the pumpkin as well as a couple versions (lattice, pecan caramel, whole top) of mile-high apple pie. Crusts are no problem! You'll never buy a pre-fab pie again. PLUS keep your fingers warm with Kevin's fancy hot beverages... PLUS how does a lathe peel an apple? PLUS a tour of SMP. PLUS leave with a ready-to-bake pie! Tuesday, Dec 10, 6:30 p.m. SMP 558 Bryant St., San Francisco
CREDITS: Sabrina Merlo + Kevin Binkert
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