Survival Research Labs: Survival Research Labs: Shows: 25 Year Anniversary

S R L   2 5   Y e a r   A n n i v e r s a r y

7-8 Mark Pauline/Matt Gonzalez/V Vale panel: "Bay Area Cutting Edge Perf. Art & Social Change"

TINY SPEECH BY Lynn Woolsey, Congresswoman (2 min)

8-9 10 SRL mini-interviews, 5 min each (Vale interviews one-on-one, or one-on-two)
1. High Techness. Karen Marcelo, Eric Paulos, Eddie Codel.
2. Opera. DA Therrien
3. Arrested: Mike Dingle - Mark/Dingle arrested
4. 2cops, metalplace: Kimric
5. early days, Kezar: Monte Cazazza
6. 15yr w/SRL: Brian Normanly
7. BeautyTech: Greg Leyh: Tesla Coil,
8. Ken Goldberg: "Legal Tender"
9. VioletBlue- woman running deadly machine/- Kevin Binkert Flame Tornado
10. Young Turk joins SRL: Michael Wehner
11. John Law - overview summary of SRL.
12. Susan Joyce - tiny Q&A (SRL 25 Yr Retrospective in Vegas)

9:15-10pm Jon Reiss 15 min Best of SRL in 80s, narrated live. Q&A afterwards
() introduce 2 current SRL videomakers Dave Scardina, Alan Kelly.
10-10:20 Berkeley Show dual-projection by Scott Beale & Marian Wallace
10:20-10:30 Q&A w/Kevin Consey, BM Director about how he got show to happen, SRL

10:30-11pm world premiere of SRL L.A. Video by Alan ___ (tent.)

11:30-? KATY BELL & FRIENDS performance

11:45-12 midnite EXTRA ACTION MARCHING BAND leads everyone outside