V1 and UT Tower
V1 burns Charles Whitman Tower
File Size: 1.9mb

V1 and Buggy
V1 burns Bubba Crane lifting Dune Buggy
File Size: 2.8mb

Tesla Coil
Tesla coil
File Size: 2.2mb

Tesla Coil
Greg Leyh's Tesla Coil
File Size: 1.6mb

Christian Ristow's Subjugator
File Size: 1.5mb

Jet cart
Deszo and jet cart
File Size: 2.2mb

Big Arm
Big Arm lifting motorcycle and dummy
File Size: 953k

Subjugator spinning the Armadillo
File Size: 1.6mb

Tesla Coil/Running Machine
Tesla Coil vs Triangle Machine underneath the Tesla Coil
File Size: 1.1mb

Triangle Heads
Close up of the skinless animal heads rotating on the Triangle Machine
File Size: 381k

Running Machine Falls
Running Machine falls in front of Tesla Coil and gets 'electrocuted'
File Size: 635k

Tesla Coil v s Triangle Machine
Triangle Machine view of Tesla coil
File Size: 1.4mb

Subjugator tears off a piece of the boat and spins it around
File Size: 1.4mb

Triangle Machine View
View of the carnage from the Triangle Machine (what its like to get hit in the head with the burning pig ball)
File Size: 1.7mb

Tractor and passenger goes by giving the audience the finger
File Size: 572k

Tower Burn
UT Tower burning
File Size: 1.3mb

Charles Whitman Bot
A robot on top of the UT Tower posing as Charles Whitman shooting at the audience below
File Size: 1.1mb

Flame Whistle
The whistle is blown by a Boeing jet engine. The whistle also blows out fire.
File Size: 1.3mb

Buggy Burning
Footage of Bubba crane lifting a burning dune buggy flamed by the V1
File Size: 550k

Jon gutting the cow the night before the show
File Size: 69k

Little Arm
Mark controlling the Little Arm for a TV shoot the day before the show
File Size: 575k

Carousel Explosion
Burned up carousel with a charge tossed into the scene going off in the background
File Size: 352k

Christian's Subjugator tearing off the boat's roof and spinning it.
File Size: 337k

Burning Dummies
V1 flames a family of dummies underneath the UT Tower
File Size: 320k

Subjugator & Cow
Subjugator tearing the dead cow off the tepee
File Size: 631k

Giant flameblower in action
File Size: 481k

Jet Cart
Jet cart driving around the track
File Size: 513k

Tower burning and falling
File Size: 247k

V1 & Tower
V1 roasting the tower
File Size: 573k

Clown Box
Clown box with stabbing robot
File Size: 255k

Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil in action. For more information on the coil -check the LOD (Lightning on Demand) site.
File Size: 578k

Tesla Coil and Running Machine
Running machine under Tesla Coil
File Size: 337k

V1 & Dummies
V1 flaming some dummies underneath UT Tower and knocking off a prop
File Size: 173k

Audience View
Things burning or in the vicinity of fire are the V1, tower, giant flameblower, boat burning, and meter maid cart with pigballs burning
File Size: 610k