A Carnival of Misplaced Devotion: Calculated to Arouse Resentment for the Principles of Order

Union Pacific Lot at Royal Brougham St, Seattle, WA June 23, 1990

Survival Research Labs : Shows : Carnival of Misplaced Devotion

Pre-show activity: Cati Laporte's Medusa head around V1 barrel. There was some thought that the wooden deck that Cati's, painting was attached to would be too heavy for the end of the V1 barrel. Brian Normanly suggested lightening it by removing some of the wood, and a bunch of ragged holes were sawn into the floor. This is the reason for the wierd holes in the board seen after the Medusa face got burned away.

In this photo, back stays are being welded onto the V1 Barrel to support the Medusa head.

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