Survival Research Labs: Get Involved: Operate Your Own Machines in a SRL Event

Participate In An SRL Event

SRL now soliciting mechanical or high energy physics devices for use in SRL performances. We encourage the corporate and academic cultures to submit devices suitable for use in an SRL event. If your device is chosen you must provide support equipment and operating personnel. SRL may defray some basic costs of shipping, maintaining or operating equipment. SRL will legally accept all responsibility for any damage or injury caused by your device in an SRL event.

General Guidelines:

  • Devices must be large, at least 1000+ lbs. and have an unusual appearance, (i.e. No mad max cars please).
  • Devices should either be lethal, or appear to be lethal to humans.
  • Devices that create large amounts of flame, use jet engines, create loud sounds, or employ unusual means of locomotion, will be given special consideration.
  • Devices must be remote controlled, special exceptions may be made, but this is unlikely.
  • Devices must be able to survive for an hour in extremely hostile environments.

Interested parties may contact Mark Pauline, Director of SRL at this address: m a r k p @ s r l . o r g. Please email images or descriptions of your finished or proposed device.

Other Ways To Participate:

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